County Protocol

It is imperative that each and every group follows all the County protocols in order to continue permitting the fields for sports camp/clinic use.  We ask that you please review your plans to ensure that all County guidelines are addressed. Share your plan with all of your coaches/instructors to remind them that they are a part of the group and will jeopardize the permit if they are not following your plan. In addition, share your camp/clinic plan outlining the guidelines with your participants/parents, and remind them that they need to follow the plan in order to ensure the safety of their children and the Glendale community at large.

Here is a summary of the issues staff observed from the sports camps this week:

·       There is no clear drop off or pick up area identified for parents to follow.  This results in traffic jams and parents congregating at the field gates.

·       Spectators are NOT permitted on the fields.  This includes parents standing outside the fence and watching from the sidewalk.  Parents must drop off their child(ren) and wait in the car or leave the facility during the camp/clinic time.  This is your responsibility to enforce.  Parents are congregating in the parking lot and on the sidewalks, and are not 6’ apart.  The parking lot is backed up and traffic is impeded by parents leaving their cars in the Fire turnaround lane; In addition, not all of them are wearing masks.

·       ALL participants, including coaches and parents, MUST wear a mask.  This includes while parents are dropping off or picking up their child(ren), and when the participants are not actively playing on the field.  Staff has observed participants and coaches without masks standing together in large groups, talking to parents on the sidelines, playing around the goals in groups, and exiting their cars.  In addition, parents congregating on the sidewalks, in the parking lot, or on the field in large groups are not all wearing masks and have been confrontational with staff when approached.

·       Everyone must remain 6’ apart at all times, both on and off the field.  This includes while performing skills on the field, when the participants are taking water breaks and gathering their personal belongings.  Staff has observed the participants grouped together to line up for skills, shoulder to shoulder, while receiving direction from a coach, and while taking breaks.

·       Absolutely NO GAMES OR SCRIMMAGES are allowed.  Staff has seen multiple groups holding scrimmages.  Simulating a game by placing participants in positions and running drills that put them within 6’ of each other at any time is not permitted.  In addition, having 2 “teams” of participants competing against each other in any way is considered a scrimmage because the participants are simulating game-like situations.  Drills and activities MUST be coordinated to avoid participants from coming into contact or within 6’ of each other at all times.  Staff has witnessed scrimmages taking place, and drills that are so close to a scrimmage that they are indistinguishable.  Participants are coming into contact with each other without wearing masks and are much closer than 6’.

·       Groups of participants may NOT exceed 10 children to 1 coach.  Groups must be kept apart at all times, and may not encounter other groups to reduce exposure.  You must limit participation in order to properly distance participants.  Staff has seen groups much larger than 10 participants gathering together and running drills next to each other.  We have also seen so many groups on the field that it is impossible to remain physically distanced, while not wearing masks.

This is a community effort that requires enforcement and assistance by the entire camp community in order to succeed.  We ask that you please work with your groups to make sure the concerns listed above are addressed and the County guidelines enforced.  If you have any questions feel free to contact Gabrielle Goglia 818-584-3797 for the Sports Complex and Citywide fields and  Sevag Garabetian at 818-548-3773 for Pacific Community Center.  

We thank you in advance for your assistance and cooperation!